Jason Capital

[White House Top 100 Entrepreneur & High-Income Expert]

"My student Bre Yamazaki is doing so well as an Email Income Expert, she decided not grad school wasn't worth the $100,000 bill. She's killing it right now."

Bill Morris 

[CEO of Morris & Company]

"As a former Wall Street executive I recognize talent, and Bre embodies that talent. She's a terrific, bright, motivated individual." 

""Bre Yamazaki is 100% dedicated to finding solutions. If your business is in need of something, Bre is the one to go to. She will pin point EXACTLY what is wrong, and immediately implement a solution. The result of Bre being a perfectionist combined with her drive and personality, makes her a top Email Marketing Expert. " "

Austin Scoby

[Scoby Marketing] 

"Bre is one of the most reliable and creative Copywritiers I've worked with. She brings her unique writing style and extreme work ethic to the table, no wonder her clients love her."

Mo Shawky

[Author & Professional Copywriter] 

"Her problem-solving skills, creative ideas, and positive ambitious vibe can easily skyrocket your business.
She is especially good at working in the personal touch to her emails and that's one thing a lot of email marketers do wrong."

Balázs Károlyfi

[Founder of 10 Day Drummer]


"If you're looking for someone to help grow your business, then she is your girl. "

Cameron Ayana

[Cameron Anaya Marketing]


""Bre has the work-ethic and the drive to exceed the expectations of all her clients. Her attention to detail and her commitment to her copywriting skill is inspiring to see. She can bring to your business is unmatched as an Email Income Expert!"

Benjamin Cabrera

[Health & Wellness Email Expert] 

"Detail oriented and extremely dedicated" is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Bre."

Marko Rojnica

[Email Marketing Expert]