Bre Yamazaki

Certified Email Income Expert 
Specializing in Success & Self-Improvement 

Current Clients Include

Youtuber's with 338K+ subscribers, coaches, and leading experts. 

Treatment Plan

60 day treatment plan that will optimize your current email program for maximum deliverability.

(Translation: Using algorithms and strategy to revive your list & get primary inboxing).

Email Ghostwriting Services

Bre will tailor weekly or daily emails to your specific business needs. Adding value, increasing revenue, and building trust in customer relationships.

Marketing Strategy

Systematizing your marketing/promotional strategy to maximize profits and efficiency with proven methods and practices.

What Others are Saying

"Bre is one of the most reliable and creative Copywritiers I've worked with. She brings her unique writing style and extreme work ethic to the table, no wonder her clients love her."

Mo Shawky

[Author & Professional Copywriter]


""As a former Wall Street executive I recognize talent, and Bre embodies that talent. The Paul Merage School of Business receives 10,000 applications for ONLY 160 seats. You would by definition be accepting a terrific, bright, motivated individual."" 

Bill Morris 

[CEO at Morris & Company]

"Her problem-solving skills, creative ideas, and positive ambitious vibe can easily skyrocket your business.
She is especially good at working in the personal touch to her emails and that's one thing a lot of email marketers do wrong."

Balazs Karolyfi

[Founder of 10 Day Drummer]



Bre Yamazaki

"America was founded on entrepreneurship. It's important to give financial freedom back to small business owners so they can continue to help others." 

Hidden G.E.M. (Genuine Email Mastery) is an email marketing solution for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Bre has been personally trained and mentored by Jason Capital, who is recognized by President Barack Obama as a Top 100 White House Entrepreneur and considered by many to be the most dominant Email Income Expert in the world.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of California Irvine with a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior, a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Paul Merage School of Business, and her Certification as an Email Income Expert she targeted her true passion: Succes & Self-Improvement.

"What I love about my job as a Professional Email Marker/Copywriter is that it combines all of my passions together: psychology, business, and creative writing. This unique mixture helps dedicated entrepreneurs drastically improve their email revenue.

It's what that extra revenue does for my clients that makes it all worthwhile. They have more time and money to take that trip with their family that they've been putting off. They have less work-related stress about their email program. They have the freedom to invest themselves in their own passion projects and side endeavors. That's why I love what I do."